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If you are looking for Commercial Painters Parramatta for a new house, renovations or extension to your home, then give us a call. We are called ‘excellent’ because we are professional, experienced painters that will make your home look no less than excellent! First impressions last, so if your business needs to be refreshed to maintain your company’s first-class image then we are the painters for the job.

When our work is complete your customers will be left with no doubt that you have a professional business. We have many years’ experience to know the difference between good and excellent painting. Painting Services Parramatta only hire the best of the best that have had many years’ experience and a proven track record of quality work. You will not be disappointed with the quality of our professional painters.

Residential Painters Parramatta - A new coat of paint is one of the final stages in making a new home or renovation look fantastic. Paint can also completely refresh the look and feel of an existing room or home. Having some idea about color is a necessity as the right color choice can look sensational but the incorrect color choice can adversely affect the area. Things to consider are the purpose of the room. A perfect example is a nursery would require soft, pastel colors to create a calm environment for baby to sleep.

Bright vibrant or dark colors maybe used for an entertainment area and neutrals for a family room. There are a myriad of color combinations for each area so it is a great idea to create a mood board with all the colors and coverings in the room to ensure that your color palette is going to be a success. Painting and Decorating Parramatta also provides a means to protect and maintain the quality and value of a property. There is no denying that paint is a necessity for any property and like anything there are levels of quality.

Local Painters Parramatta. The general misconception is that painting is easy. To a certain extent this may be true and in most cases painting is only “made easier” when the area to be painted has had very extensive and well-planned preparation. Correct preparation includes the knowledge of repairing damaged areas, sanding, protecting surrounding areas, cleaning and safety. Each of these stages requires an understanding of what products and tools are required for each unique surface to be painted.

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